10 Free Cloud storage Services.

  Get 100% Free Online Storage - No Strings Attached.

Cloud storage is a cloud computing model in which information is stored on remote servers accessed from the Internet, or "cloud." It is maintained, controlled and managed by a cloud storage service provider on storage servers that are built on virtualization techniques.

  If our computer hard drive is damaged, we lost all our data. So we need our data safe. We keep backup file for data. But we can easily save our data, document and file use by Cloud storage. Now-a-day cloud storage is very popular.Cloud storage services are great for sharing files with friends and families, keeping documents in sync between all of your devices, and thus much more. There are 10 free cloud storage service site names. 


 Dropbox is a free service that lets you bring your photos, docs, and videos anywhere and share them easily. A basic Dropbox account is free and offers 2 GB of free space with several simple ways of earning more, up to around 18 GB. You can view and upload all your Dropbox files from a desktop or mobile app and share whole folders with anyone, even if they don't have a Dropbox account. 

                                           2. Google Drive

Google Drive is the cloud storage service provided by Google. Each new user gets 15 GB of free space.The total storage is actually shared with other Google services, like Gmail and Google+ Photos. If you don't use the other services, you can utilize almost all the space for Google Drive alone


                                                    3. Copy

·           Every new Copy user gets 15 GB of online storage at no cost, and you can still share files without having an explanation. You can get an extra 5 GB of space for every referred friend that begins using Copy. 

           An application can be downloaded for the Windows, Mac, and Linux operating system. Also, iOS, Android, and Windows Phone users can install an app for uploading photos and videos directly to their Copy account. The mobile Copy applications can do everything the web and desktop version can do: create new brochures, view currently uploaded files, and share files and folders with others (even unregistered users). Copy also makes it easy to transport files from other online store services such as Box, Google Drive, and Dropbox.  

            Another online storage service is box, which offers 10 GB of free storage for every new user. There's a mobile application for nearly all devices - iOS, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone - that lets you upload/download/share your content. The desktop sync client for Windows and Mac OS X make is super simple to upload files to Box.  



                 Every new MediaFire user gets 10 GB of online storage at no cost, and you can still share files without having an explanation. Increase it to 50 GB with things like friend referrals and application downloads. 


      MEGA provides free cloud storage with convenient and powerful always-on privacy. Claim your free 50GB now!


         Every new SurDoc users are each given 100 GB of free space with the option to complete tasks to be rewarded more free space, upwards to 1 TB.Access your files with any browser on a desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone. No apps needed. You can access and annotate documents in the browser. Manages backups automatically / continuously. File sharing by email is easy.


              PromptFile give big offer ! Every new PromptFile  user get 250 GB free space for  cloud storage. Files of any type can be uploaded from your data processor, over FTP, and from a remote URL as long as they are not larger than 5 GB.  


                OneDrive (SkyDrive) is an online storage service from Microsoft. Everyone gets 15 GB of free space when they sign up.         


              OziBox offers 100 GB of free online storage space. A desktop program is available for Windows users, which includes a nice status window that shows a progress bar, the size, and upload speed of everything that's currently being uploaded. You even set the upload priority for individual files so more important ones are queued for upload before the rest. 

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